Main Topics

1. Women's Health
• Midwives and Women's Rights
• Midwife-Woman Cooperation
• Current Women's Health Problems and Midwifery Approaches
• Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Genital Cancers and Midwifery
• Breast Cancer and Midwifery
• Women's Health Follow-up
• Menopause
• Reproductive Health and Midwifery in Disasters, Migration and Epidemics
• Digital Literacy and Health Literacy

2. Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Period
• Antenatal Monitoring and Prenatal Management
• Birth Preparation Trainings
• Mother-Friendly Practices and Approaches
• Birth Management
• Postnatal Management
• Non-Pharmaceutical Methods to Relieve Labour Pain
• Emotional Problems During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Period
• Pregnancy, Delivery and Pelvic Floor
• Breastfeeding and Supporting Breastfeeding
• Risky Pregnancies
• Midwifery Services in the Team in Risky Pregnancies and Births
• Nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy and Postpartum Period

3. Midwifery
• Midwifery and Pandemic
• Leadership in Midwifery
• Forensic Issues and Malpractice in Midwifery
• Legal Regulations in Midwifery
• Midwifery Service Models
• Midwifery and Organization
• Evidence-Based Practices in Midwifery
• Burnout: In terms of Midwives and Women
• Midwifery Studies
• Problems of Midwifery Profession
• Occupational Values, Philosophy and Ethical Codes in Midwifery
• Innovative Product Development in Midwifery

4. Midwifery Education
• Midwifery Education in Technology Age
• Midwifery Education from Theory to Practice
• Problems in Midwifery Education
• Mentoring in Midwifery Education
• Covid 19 Pandemic and Midwifery Training
• Career Planning in Midwifery

5. New-born
• New-born in Covid 19 Pandemic
• Neonatal Care and Follow-up
• Mode of Delivery and New-born
• Birth Interventions and New-born
• Attachment During Pregnancy and Birth
• Evidence-Based Practices in Neonatal Care
• Individualized Developmental Care
• Midwifery Practices Supporting Early Childhood Development