Abstract Submisson

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 17, 2021


Abstracts should be prepared in English and Turkish.

Only the first letter of the abstract title should be in capital and it should be written in the order of the sentence. Abbreviation should not be used in the title of the paper.

Author's name and surname (title should not be written) and the institution where he / she works must be specified and their order must be paid attention.

The abstract text should not exceed 300 words for each language. This limitation includes the summary text, but does not include the title, author name, and keywords. In the abstract, information about the figures, tables and sources used should not be given.

Keywords should be at least three and at most five. Except for proper names, all keywords should be written in lower case and words should be separated from each other by commas.

Abstracts; It should contain "Introduction-Purpose", "Material-Method", "Results", "Conclusion" and "Keywords" subtitles.

The papers can be edited before they are sent to the referee, and the updates should not be uploaded as a new paper. Updates uploaded as a new notification will not be considered.