Dear colleagues and dear students,

We are pleased to invite you to the 6th National 5th International Midwifery Congress, which we have been holding regularly since 2007, which we will organize online for the first time due to the Covid 19 pandemic this year. While digitalizing healthcare services, artificial intelligence studies and the Covid 19 pandemic have created radical changes in our lives in the dizzying pace of the technology age we are in, we sincerely realized how important the midwifery profession is as a society. We need the advocacy of strong midwife leaders for our midwives and our women, in this period when we are going through a difficult process with great sacrifices. In this way, it will be possible to develop and strengthen the midwifery profession and to reach the positive social effects of qualified midwifery services indicated by the World Health Organization. For this reason, we decided to hold our congress with the theme of "Strong Future with Leading Midwives".

With our rich scientific content in our congress; We aim to make our colleagues more aware of their leadership roles, increase scientific knowledge in the field of midwifery, and discuss our professional problems with a constructive and collaborative perspective. In addition, we plan to bring you together with inspiring national / international speakers in our congress to reduce our increasing burden in pandemic struggle, increase our coping power and improve our leadership roles.

We invite all our colleagues, midwifery department academicians and students, and our teammates to our congress to strengthen together, to increase our cooperation and to share our experiences.

With my deepest love and respect…

Assoc. Prof. Nazan KARAHAN
Congress President
President of Turkish Midwifery Association